New health rankings put Tennessee near the bottom

Tenn. health rankings

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Coming in 42nd out of 50 states Tennessee didn't do very well in the 2013 United Health Foundation's annual health rankings.

The Volunteer state actually came in lower than last year's rank of 39, but East Tennessee State University's Dean of Public Health Dr. Randy Wykoff says this year's survey may have impacted the numbers because several new measures were added and impacted the rankings. "Over the last five or six we've seen general improvement, although this year is really no change from last year," adds Dr. Wykoff.

To get the rankings data is collected from across the country about things like smoking rates, physical inactivity and diabetes numbers. "If you or I were trying to get healthier over time we'd expect ups and downs, but we'd expect to see a general trend toward getting healthier or losing weight, or whatever our goal is. So we've got two years with no real change, but let's hope we continue to see the kind of improvement we've seen over the past six or seven years," adds Dr. Wykoff.

Dr. Wykoff reminds residents the numbers can change and Tennessee doesn't have to stay at this ranking. "If each of us chooses to live a healthier life we can change that, and that's really the message we're trying to get out that we can change these numbers," he said.

We also took a looked into Virginia's ranking. The Commonwealth came in at 26.

To view the complete list visit: http://www.americashealthrankings.org

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