New Faces In Greene County Government

     There will be lots of new faces in government for Greene County come September, including the two top spots, county mayor and a new sheriff.
     It leaves some vacancies in the Greeneville Police Department.

     There might be a help wanted sign going up soon at the Greeneville Police Department.  Two detectives with the department will have new jobs.  Detective David Crum will be the new county mayor and detective Pat Hankins will become the new county sheriff.

     Combined they bring nearly six decades of public service to the table.  Crum 27 years and Hankins 31 years of experience.

     "Being able to carry that over to the sheriffs department I think I can use those skills that I have obtained to better the sheriffs department.  The men and women that work there," Newly elected sheriff Pat Hankins says.

      It was a wide open race for mayor but the race for sheriff was different. Hankins had to unseat an incumbent. He says that was dificult.

     "very difficult to me.  I'm not a politician.  This is the very first time that I've ever run for any office.  I've never run for anything before.  Every step of the way was a new challenge for me."

      And as new sheriff those challenges just keep coming least of which is an overcrowded county jail.

      "The jail if you look is to rehabilitate people.  We're not using the jail as a tool to rehabilitate people.  We're using it as a place to house people to get rid of them, to get them out of our hair," He says.

       Hankins points to the success of Greeneville's drug court as a way towards rehabilitation and reintroduction back into society.

       "70 per cent that goes through that program never returns to the court system.  That's been done right here in Greeneville since 2003," He said.

       He wants to bring his dedication to serving the public as a police officer to his new office.

       "You know if you could dream of living life over again.  What would you do different?  I wouldn't do nothing different.  I love law enforcement that much.  I wouldn't go into a different career if I could live life over," Hankins said.

        He'll have four years to prove his point.

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