More than 400 people help cleanup Boone Lake

More than 400 people help cleanup Boone Lake

Boaters hit the water early on Saturday for the unofficial start of the summer season, the Boone Lake Association's annual Cleanup Day.

Boats filled to the brim pulled up to the Lakeview Marina docks, one of eight locations that participants could unload the debris and trash they collected from the lake.

Adam Williams was one of about 400 people taking part in the event. He was out on the lake with his father-in-law and nephew. Williams told us his family has participated almost every year since the event started 15 years ago.

"Picking up lots of styrofoam, trash bags, pop bottles in the lake," Williams described.

His nephew, Bailey Marvel, told us they want to preserve their favorite part of summertime.

"[It] keeps the lake clean," Marvel said. "Also, I believe God gave us this earth so we've got to take care of it."

Boone Lake Association volunteers were on hand to help them unload their boat. The volunteers brought the debris over to a 40 yard dumpster. There were eight of those dumpsters positioned around the lake for the event.

Association president Russ Harrison told us, this year, the lake appears cleaner. He said that could be because the Tennessee Valley Authority lowered lake levels to record depths during the winter months.

"Things that usually float up to the surfaces as the water comes back, we found," Harrison said. "We got into places we had not been to before."

Harrison told us they still expect a large load of debris to be brought in. He said, while they're expecting the event to be a success, this is something people should do all year long.

"It's work that has to be done everyday to maintain the lake in this kind of condition," said Harrison.

Boaters like Jim Canning told us they're glad to do their part to create a lake that's cleaner.

"Naturally every time you're out there, if you see something, pick it up," said Canning. "This isn't just a one day, once a year thing. It should be an everyday thing, every day you're out here."

We're told trash from half of the lake will go to the Blountville landfill, while the other half will go to a landfill in Johnson City.

The event costs the Boone Lake Association about $5,000 dollars.

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