Many participate in extreme 'Mudder' race on Father's Day

Father's Day 'Mudder' 5K

BRISTOL, Tenn. - One siren, and it was off to the races on Sunday. This wasn't just any race, though. This was the Punisher, an extreme 'Tough Mudder' 5K.

It was over 45 minutes of exhausting crawling, climbing, and running. Just before the race, Valerie Jackson said finishing would be a rockstar moment. "Just to say that I did it, it's proving to nobody but myself and my kids," she says.

The event, put on by Nitro Promotions, was the first for the company and for Bristol. Randy White, a partner at Nitro, says, "It's something new for this immediate area and we hope it grows, we hope to get a bigger crowd."

He also says the course by the Bristol Dragway is used for other extreme sports. "Normally we race dirt bikes, UTVs, ATVs here, we've had monster trucks here, but this is our first attempt at a 'Mudder' obstacle course 5K."

Two workers, Tanner and Johnathan, showed News 5 the course before the race. They slid through tubes, walked on thin cords, ran up mountains, crawled below and above wood, and even showed the hill, the dreaded part of the race. It is 300 feet uphill at a 55 degree angle.

Tanner Earhart participated in the course, and he also does motocross. "I do it all for the adrenaline rush," he says.

About 50 people participated in the race, and Nitro Promotions hopes to offer more 'Mudder' events in the future.

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