Major marijuana bust made near Morristown

HAMBLEN COUNTY, Tenn. (WBIR) - Hamblen County officers say they took 32-year-old Keith Maeweather into custody as a result of a large marijuana bust.

The sheriff says the home near Morristown contained hundreds of mature marijuana plants worth up to $1,800 a plant. There were also several gallons of marijuana butter.

Hamblen County Sheriff Esco Jarnagin says his office received a tip weeks ago; they were able to get inside using a search warrant. The sheriff says they found the home filled with all different types of marijuana. "It looked like he was almost experimenting with some of them," the sheriff said. "He had everything categorized. He has things labeled, he has directions on things. He's got different stages. We got THC marijuana butter, four or five gallons of butter that is derived from the marijuana."

Jarnagin says this setup was so elaborate, they had to call in electricians to shut down the equipment so his investigators could enter safely. He says the location is a vacant house on Brockwood Drive in an established subdivision.

The sheriff says charges against Maeweather are pending. This bust involves hundreds of plants, and hundreds of thousands of dollars -- a big deal for Jarnagin's crew. "I'm proud of my guys. How many times do we get tips fizzle out to nothing? I always pass the tips down to my guys and they always go check them. But they are very proud because this one is the mother lode, so to speak," he said.

Also inside of the house was documentation and instructions for growing. Jarnagin says the butter he mentioned is used in marijuana brownies or cookies.

Jarnagin thinks this bust will slow down pot distribution around the area for a while, saying the suspect was "a main player."

Story courtesy of WBIR.com.

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