Local woman shares weight loss success story in national magazine

GRAY, Tenn. - Pick up June's edition of Health Magazine and you'll see how people nationwide are learning about the weight loss success story of a woman from Gray.

Cindy Kern opens up the magazine and reads, "The key to Cindy Kern's 118-pound weight loss success: a treadmill, a diet detox and believing in herself."

In 2007, at her heaviest, Kern weighed 265 pounds. She got ill when she was pregnant, and knew something needed to change. "I saw some pictures of myself and thought, 'Oh my goodness.' I was too young to be sick and to have to rely upon other people," she says.

Just as the magazine says, it took a treadmill, a diet, and a positive attitude. Within a year, the weight fell off, as she started looking at food as fuel instead of a treat. "What kept me going were the results," she says.

Her boyfriend encouraged her to contact Health Magazine, but she never thought they'd call back. They did, and a few interviews and a fitness photoshoot later, everyone can read her story.

A story of intense diet and exercise, with a little indulgence every now and then. "I don't deprive myself because I am not going to go through life and not have the things I want to," she says.

Kern took News 5 to the grocery store to show us that it's possible to indulge in healthy options. "Greek yogurt is in the diet every day, sometimes more than once a day," she says.

We also headed over to the vegetables, another staple of her diet. "Kale is a superfood. It's packed full of Vitamin K, lots of nutrients, it's really good to make salads and smoothies," she says.

Her advice to anyone choosing to eat healthy: head to the outer edges of the store for fresh foods - not the processed foods in the middle.

And for those who want to lose weight, she says, "It all starts in your head, you've got to have it right. You have your mindset in the right place."

She also advises to set goals, be disciplined, and make small changes every day.

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