Local soldier injured in Afghanistan after a bomb explodes under his vehicle

FALL BRANCH, Tenn. - A local soldier is injured in Afghanistan after a bomb explodes under his vehicle. He's now recovering and is on his way to Germany for medical care. News 5 sat down with his mother to hear more about the young soldier and his dedication to his country.

Lately every phone call is a rush of relief for Debbie Moore. Her son, 23-year-old Sergeant Cory Moore, an Armor in the Third Infantry Division in the US Army, is serving in Afghanistan. "Having that connection to him is so important. To hear his voice and sometimes I just miss his voice," said Moore.

But on November 24th his mother says she got a devastating call that Sergeant Moore was injured, "They were returning to his base and his vehicle was hit by an explosive device."

News 5 actually spoke with Sergeant Moore on the phone, he says the explosion was shocking and scary. "I've been close to bombs before but not where it's right underneath you," he said.

Only his leg was hurt during the explosion and Sergeant Moore says he's on his way to Germany for X-Rays and medical care. "I'm OK, it's something I can recover from," added Sergeant Moore.

His mother says the young soldier enlisted at 18-years-old and this is actually his second tour overseas. Despite his injuries, Sergeant Moore plans to continue serving in Afghanistan. "Cory is a soldier, he just wants to serve his country. He is fearless," added Moore.

Sergeant Moore's mother says few details are being released about her son's injury. But she's hoping for more information once he's at the hospital in Germany. Sergeant Moore's tour in Afghanistan is expected to end in July.

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