Local runners react to Boston developments

Local runners react to Boston developments

As the country watches the events in Boston unfold, some in our region have a perspective all their own.

Our news crew reconnected with two local runners who took part in this year's Boston Marathon and learned the tragedy is all too real for these runners.

Almost 900 miles away from a city paralyzed by a massive manhunt, Boston Marathon runner and Kingsport native David Lively continues to grapple with the emotional toll the tragedy has taken. "I think over the last couple days, anger started to kind of come into play," Lively told us.

Lively said he's been following the most recent developments in Boston with so many questions as to why someone would do this. "But the other side [of me] says, it doesn't really matter what his reasoning is, what he did was horrible, and it doesn't matter what he says," said Lively.

Fellow runner and local cardiologist, Dr. Fawwaz Hamati agrees; justice is right and answers may help, but, "is that good enough? The answer to me is [no]. You can't undo the damage that has been done to all the families up there," said Dr. Hamati.

In this situation, Dr. Hamati's philosophy remains 'an eye for an eye'. "I still believe in it," he affirmed.

He hopes others who might express anger through terror think twice. "If you want to spread the word, that's not the way to do it. By peace, you may be able to do something," said Dr. Hamati.

Dr. Hamati made it a point to tell us again: in no way will this stop him from running marathons. He is adamant that he will not let fear take something special away.

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