Lawmakers discuss 'guns in parks' bill

Gun laws are once again getting attention from Tennessee state lawmakers.

The state senate will decide whether or not guns can be prohibited in Tennessee parks. A 2009 law lets local governments decide for themselves if they would allow someone with a carry permit to take a gun into a city or county park.

The state senate has now voted to take that control away from the local governments, saying regardless of local laws, permit holders will be allowed to take their guns into parks unless there is a school function.

Bristol councilwoman Margaret Feierabend says she's disappointed with the new legislation. "I've served on the Tennessee municipal board in the past, and for the most part, the position of cities is to have local control. Our local communities do differ, plus it's healthy to have discussion, debate, and dialogue about some of these issues," she said.

The Tennessee house still has to consider the bill. Governor Bill Haslam says he has his concerns.

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