Lake levels will be lower this summer

SULLIVAN COUNTY, TENN. - The  Storm Track 5 weather team says rainfall is about 4-point-6 inches
below the normal amount for this time of year.
That means some of our area TVA lakes will have lower levels this summer.

"Cherokee, South Holston and Norris lakes are the three below normal this time of year." says Tom Barnett a Senior Manager at TVA. "Boone Lake, locally is higher. It will  reach its summer pool.  Same thing for Watauga Lake. Its just the way the rains fell this year, we've gotten more rain in the mountains and not as much in the northern part of the valley."

Barnett says the repairs at Boone Dam have been completed and the lake
is almost to its normal level.

If you plan on boating at South Holston Lake this summer, don't despair, Barnett says there is still time for the lake pool to increase.  If we get more rain in the next couple of months.

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