Yard sale benefits homeless children

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Two church parking lots were stocked with donated items for bargain hunters on Saturday and all the money raised helped pay for a place to call home.

All the money raised at the benefit yard sale helps pay for a place to call home. We caught up with two families who say they're simply grateful for those willing to go the extra yard.

A big yard sale is making an even bigger impact.

Brad Bowman and his family know first-hand how much this yard sale can help. That's because in 2010 his family lost their home to foreclosure. "We just lost everything. It took 16 years to get it all and then overnight it was gone. We had nothing. Nowhere to turn," said Bowman.

The Bowmans turned to the Friends and Neighbors organization, which helps homeless children in the Kingsport City School System.

Every penny spent at this yard sale helps families find a place to call home. "People will spend two or three dollars, that means the world when people don't have anything," added Bowman.

Currently more than 300 homeless children attend school in the Model City. We learned that number is a 21 percent increase over the last school year.

"It's a very scary statistic when you look at the fact that some of these small schools only have 200 and some kids in them," said Joe Mason with the Friends and Neighbors organization.

The organization is currently helping 15 families and there are plans to help even more.

Sadly, homelessness is a problem that's growing. "Classified as homeless means that they are either homeless living on the streets, in an individual case living in a hotel room. They do not have a home of their own," added Mason.

Mitch Mitchell is volunteering for the organization that helped his family get a home in February. "To me it built character for myself and my kids because you have a better outlook on life and you want to reach out to people, help other people because you've been helped," he said.

If you would like to volunteer or donate you can visit the organization's website by clicking here.

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