Wellmont CEO speaks out after 'No Confidence' vote

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Wellmont Health System's CEO is speaking out after she received a vote of no confidence by some doctors with Bristol Regional Medical Center. In a letter obtained by News 5 one doctor claims CEO Denny DeNarvaez doesn't work efficiently with physicians and staff, "It was really not communicated in advance so we had no idea that was going to happen," adds DeNarvaez.

DeNarvaez took some of the heat from a group of doctors, "It's a cry for more communication, better communication, better vehicles for communication, more timely communication," says DeNarvaez.

In the letter we obtained from one of the doctors who joined in the no-confidence vote, Dr. John Green states "when no one pays attention to our input, we feel powerless to effect changes for improvement within the organization."

DeNarvaez told us they are going to make more of an effort to be upfront with decisions that need to be made, "Really teeing up the problem as opposed to teeing up the solution that's what we're hearing and I believe that's something we can put into practice pretty quickly," says DeNarvaez.

Another concern in the letter is the treatment toward independent physicians. Dr. Green states "engagement with the independent physician community has not occurred. "Own them or stone them" seems to be the battle cry."

DeNarvaez says they want to give equal access in decision making to independent physicians, "We have to be very careful that we explain our reasoning and our strategies and what we're doing and how we can participate equally with the independent physicians," adds DeNarvaez.

DeNarvaez says she hopes everyone can stop the vote taking and move on to the action plan. DeNarvaez told us Wednesday night employed physicians voted a confidence vote.

When we asked the Wellmont Health System Board Chairman Buddy Scott if they would ask DeNarvaez to step down he told me absolutely not.

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