Walmart employees looking for owner of missing pictures

Walmart employees looking for owner of missing pictures

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Two years ago, a cart pusher at the Walmart on Fort Henry Drive in Kingsport found something interesting in the parking lot. Employees hoped the owners would come back to retrieve it, but they still haven't.

From the writing on the bag, these photos belong to the Heaton family. The old, antique pictures belong on the walls of a home.

Instead, they sit in a room at Walmart. Randy Leeber, assistant manager, says the photos were left behind in the parking lot two years ago. "We were hoping for luck, we definitely weren't going to do anything with them," he says.

The cart pusher found them one afternoon in August or September 2012. The photos feature a child, a husband and wife, a large family, and they were sitting in a ripped up bag with "Grandma and Grandpa" written on the outside.

"We've had people that came here and offered to buy them, and we say no, that we are going to try to find the family that these family photographs belong to," Leeber says.

Leeber says the store held onto them because they are so unique, holding on to the off-chance that the owners will trace their steps back to the parking lot.

If these photos belong to you, Leeber says to contact the Kingsport Walmart customer service department.

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