Victim in alleged Kingsport road rage incident speaks

Road rage charge

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - A Washington County, Tennessee man is accused of threatening another driver with a metal baton in a case of road rage.

Kingsport Police say James Strong threatened another driver with a metal baton after he tried to merge into his lane. 

We spoke with the victim, William McCauley, who says he pulled a gun on Strong out of fear.

Police were directing traffic on West Stone Drive around the crash when they say Strong became enraged over McCauley merging into his lane. 

Officers say Strong began honking at McCauley and followed him in a nearby parking lot, where he police say he got out of his car with a baton, walked up to McCauley's car and threatened him with it. "[I] pulled my pistol out and I put in on the dash; never did point it at him and he said, 'I'm not afraid of no [expletive] gun,'" says William McCauley.

Police approached the scene once they realized what was happening and arrested Strong.

They say McCauley, who had a handgun carry permit, pulled the gun out to defend himself.

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