Two candidates seek Kingsport mayor's office

Two candidates seek Kingsport mayor's office

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - For the past eight years, Kingsport has run under the leadership of Mayor Dennis Phillips, but that could all change come Tuesday -- Election Day. 

At the polls, voters will decide if Phillips will continue his tenure, or challenger Gary Lane will take the reins.

Incumbent Dennis Phillips told News 5 Kingsport has flourished under his time in office. Phillips listed some evidence of growth during his tenure. "We have four new fire trucks, we put a fire station in an area that's been pushed for it for years, [and] we have a parking garage, a new school office," he said.

Phillips' opponent Gary Lane, from the Rock Springs community, isn't so satisfied. Lane said he wants to be the voice of the people. "I don't think that has been happening in recent years. I think the people need to be heard more as far as spending," Lane told News 5.

We asked the candidates what tops the list when it comes to needing improvement in the city.

Lane said "providing city services to people such as street lights, street repair, waterline upgrades."

"Our water intake is about 70 years old," said Phillips. "If it were to fail, we would not have water in Kingsport for months."

When it comes to schools, Mayor Phillips wants to see more collaboration with Sullivan County. "The schools within Sullivan County are our problem," said Phillips. "Whatever we can do to work that out and work that together needs to be done."

Lane said he wants an emphasis on younger students. "We need to concentrate more on the elementary school level; more funding if it takes it," said Lane.

But, both just want to see the Model City grow and prosper.

Polls in Sullivan County will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 21.

You can vote in the Sullivan County election at the following locations:

Kingsport Precincts

Traders Village (10A, 6B, 10B)

Civic Auditorium (11A)

Kingsport Public Library (11B)

Clouds Bend United Methodist Church (9B)

Lynn View Community Center (9A)

South High School (8A, 8B)

Colonial Heights Middle School (7A, 7B, 6A)

United Methodist Church (Hawkins County)


Bristol Precincts

Holston View School (2B, 1A)

Avoca School (2C, 4C)

Slater Center (2A, 4B)

Anderson School (3A, 4A)

Bluff City Town Hall (5B)


Bluff City Precinct

Bluff City Town Hall (5B, 5A)

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