Tuesday rain damages home

Flooding puts home in danger

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Two days after the heavy rain in our region, one family is still picking up the pieces.

Their home was flooded out and now the structure could be in danger.

A little leak in the garage after the rain is normal for the Kirbys, who rent a home in Kingsport.

However, Tuesday's heavy storms brought in a little more than expected. "It was really heavy rain. I noticed a lot more water coming into the garage," said Kate Kirby.

The rain was so fast and heavy that the ground began to shift, moving the retaining wall and shattering it all over the driveway. "I was standing beside the garage door and just counting the holes where the water is coming from and the garage door just caved in," said Kirby.

Kirby tells News 5 she called the police, who told her to get her family out of the home. "I was scared the actual garage wall was going to come in," said Kirby.

We learned their home was condemned until inspectors could ensure its safety. The Kirbys are only allowed to be in a portion of it. "They've set up some stuff in the garage to keep the wall from caving in," said Kirby.

Now they're working to clean up the mess and replace lost items. Kirby says many things can be bought once more, except for one thing, comfort. "My biggest fear is that there are still holes that aren't fixed and next week it's going to rain. So there's nothing to prevent the garage from flooding again," said Kirby.

That could cause even more damage. "What's going to happen if the house collapses and we've lost everything?" asked Kirby.

Kirby says they've spoken to the landlord, who isn't shedding much light on the subject of when the home will be fixed. It has them thinking of other options, like moving. "We have talked about it, we've considered it because we need answers. We need to know when we can have our home back the way it was," said Kirby.

Kirby tells us there was no flood insurance on the home because it wasn't in a flood zone.

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