Tips to beat the heat during the summer

Tips to beat the heat during the summer

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - As the temperatures continue to heat up this summer, many people are trying to find ways to beat the heat by going to the pool or lake, and some may choose to stay in the A.C.

It's heating up outside and some workers are feeling the burn of summertime. "It gets incredibly hot incredibly fast on days like today, and it takes a while for it to cool down," says Mike Betley.

Mike Betley with the Sullivan County Highway Department says laying down asphalt in the heat can be brutal. That's why each worker keeps a cooler of water nearby. "It's a lifesaver. They've got to have that hydration or they really start getting weak and start losing their focus in what they are doing," adds Betley.

While many people are jumping into the pool to cool off at the Kingsport Aquatic Center the lifeguards are focused on keeping everyone safe and themselves hydrated. "A lot of water and Gatorade, not a lot of sugary caffeine drinks," says lifeguard Tyler Johnson.

Doctors say you need to pre-hydrate before you de-hydrate, because once you get outside and you're thirsty it's too late. "If you realize your mouth is getting dry and you're thirsty you're already dehydrated some people might feel a little light headed they might feel a little foggy," says Dr. Jon Mettert.

Dr. Jon Mettert says people could also get blurred vision and nausea if they become dehydrated.

He suggests not going outside for long periods of time; if it can't be avoided, Mettert says to only work during certain times of the day. "Any time in the morning or in the evening but basically base it on the temperature if the temperature is above 80 or 85 limit your time outside."

Dr. Mettert also says people need to use sunscreen and hats to protect them from the sun.

That's something Betley tries to do every day. "It does keep the sun off your ears off your face and days like today you're going to get sun burnt if you don't do something about it," he said.

Dr. Mettert says if you start feeling any symptoms of de-hydration to get inside and drink as much water as possible immediately.

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