TBI: Kingsport officer shoots man in abdomen during stand-off

TBI: Kingsport officer shoots man

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - A man is rushed to the hospital after police said he was shot by a Kingsport police officer.

Kingsport police were trying to serve arrest warrants on 25-year-old Jeffery Chase Caldwell when the call turned into a several hour standoff early this morning.

Police and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation special agents are working to piece together bits of information at a home on Watauga Street in Kingsport.    

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation officials said Kingsport Police were trying to serve theft warrants on 25-year-old Jeffrey Chase Caldwell at the home of his girlfriend's parents.

Officials said he wasn't cooperating saying he wasn't going back to jail.

"The individual provided a weapon and a lengthy standoff ensued," said Tom Patton with the Kingsport Police Department.

Next-door neighbor Randall Housewright woke up and heard some of the negotiations, calling them calm and patient.

"They weren't very forceful. They were just trying to get him off the roof, get him down. I think at one time they may have even offered him a cigarette," said Housewright.

Police say a few hours later the stand-off turned dangerous.

"At approximately 4:30 a.m. the individual made threatening gestures with the weapons toward our officers, at which point he was subsequently shot by one of our patrol officers," said Patton.

Officials confirm Caldwell was shot once in the abdomen, and no officers were injured in the incident.   

One neighbor told News 5 she heard at least four gunshots fired, but TBI officials say what led up to the shooting, and whether or not Caldwell may have fired a shot, is being investigated.

We learned, as part of protocol, District Attorney Barry Staubus will be working with the TBI to determine if charges will be filed.

"We'll take that matter to the grand jury for the grand jury to hear the results of the investigation for them to determine whether or not the officer acted properly or if there was excessive force or not," said Staubus.

Kingsport police told us they arrested Caldwell's girlfriend Kelly Gardner at the scene Tuesday morning and charged her with filing a false report.

Officials could not elaborate on that charge.

Wellmont officials said, as of Tuesday evening, Caldwell was listed in serious condition at Holston Valley Medical Center.

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