Suspected church vandal arrested

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - A Kingsport man is accused of vandalizing a church.

Sunday night, someone called police to let them know they heard glass breaking and saw a suspicious person on the First Broad Street United Methodist Church's property. 

Officers say they then found Randall Eugene Robbins sitting on the stairs outside the church in front of a shattered window.

They say he broke three windows at the Woodyard Center with bricks. 

The church hopes Robbins learned his lesson. "We hope that from the eternal prospective that maybe a life lesson will occur for this individual that will be towards a future, more productive role in society here and eternal blessings after this time on earth is done," says Jay Mills, who is with First Broad Street United Methodist Church.

Robbins is facing a felony vandalism charge.

The estimated cost to fix the church's windows is $1,000.

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