Sullivan County, Kingsport schools plan for the future

Friday, officials from Sullivan County and Kingsport City Schools met to develop a Facilities Master Plan.

This plan is intended to guide Kingsport and Sullivan County School Districts for the next 10 to 20 years.

The two districts want to work to save money for schools, and with today's Futures Conference they were able to provide the public with a global view of the future of education.

To better serve the schools, officials need to know how neighborhoods grow and how they cycle through so they can plan for school zone additions and new facilities.

The Director of Schools and Superintendent tells News 5 it's tough to balance a lot of demands and a lot of expectations from both teachers and students.

"I think the biggest challenge for this community is to say, 'Can we figure out how to update our facilities and use those more efficiently?" says Jubal Yennie, from the Sullivan County Department of Education. "So that we have better programs in all of our facilities for all of our kids, so that we have better opportunities for the region."

The changes will begin this summer. The board hopes to walk through every school in both districts and assess their needs.

They also want to encourage the public to serve on committees to voice their opinions.

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