Studio hosts charity photo shoot

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Some children in the Tri-Cities are the center of attention this weekend.

Picsee Studio in downtown Kingsport hosted a charity photo shoot for children with autism on Friday and Saturday.

The shoot, titled "sidekicks," was available for all children, especially to highlight the individual stories of children with diagnosed cases of autism.

Children were encouraged to bring their sidekicks along, like blankets, pets, or friends, that help them get through days with the condition.

Debbie Imsande organized the event. She has a son who is autistic, and she tell us the photos are important for capturing special moments.

"It's about the story. There is a story. I mean everyone has a story, but the unique stories of autism. I talked with a lady yesterday who has a daughter with autism. And the photographs are so important because it's hard sometimes to catch them out of that moment of autism, " Imsande says.

Organizers tells us they schedule around 25 sessions for the fundraisers. All of the proceeds will go to benefit the AutismSpeaks organization.

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