Students learn new skills at Career Expo

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Some high school students are getting lessons in jobs, budgeting and education this week as part of the Eastman Career Expo.

Monday about 250 11th graders from Daniel Boone High School were on hand taking part in the event.

Which includes a real-life scenario where students are required to budget and try to make sure they have money to cover their expenses.

Rachel Thacker is a junior at Daniel Boone High School. "You go around [to the booths]; at housing you get to pick your house and they tell you how much it's going to be. You get to pick your car and they give you a van, a truck, anything like that, then you have to get insurance. You have to get housing insurance and car insurance," she explained.

Students also listened to talks about interviewing skills, dressing for success and resume writing.

The career expo continues through Friday. More than 1,400 high school students are expected to come to the event.

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