Staying safe at FunFest

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - FunFest is well underway and if you haven't made it out there yet there's plenty of fun left, but what do you need to know to keep you and your family safe before you head out?

FunFest is family-friendly with something for everyone. Organizers prepare all year long to make sure everyone has fun and can be safe, but they are also prepared for emergencies. "We work together with many agencies to make sure that everybody's taken care of," says FunFest Director Lucy Fleming.

The safety procedures are for everyone, from people coming out to enjoy FunFest to the vendors. "Inside those tents they are checked by the health department and building department to make sure the electrical code is good. They have precautions in case there would be an accidental fire," adds Fleming.

If you're heading out to the concerts, Fleming suggests only carrying what you have to; it will help traffic move a lot faster. "Anything that you carry in is going to be checked by security to make sure you're not carrying in [illegal] substances or weapons," says Fleming.

Fleming says before you head to Kingsport for the festival, you may want to pull out your phone and text "Festus" to 74574 to get updates about security and possible severe weather conditions. "If there is a delay at an event or any other communication we need to get to people rapidly, we use that," adds Fleming.

We learned last year they had to put those evacuation plans to use when a storm rolled in. "We had to do an emergency evacuation of a concert because of lighting. We've had some events we've put on hold during thunderstorms," says Fleming.

Fleming tells News 5 she hopes this year they are spared from the severe weather. But if not, they have plans in place to keep everyone safe and having fun.

We also learned they will have police out at all FunFest events in case of an emergency, and there will be officers at the Taste of Tri-Cities at all times.

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