Some Kingsport residents keeping a close eye on the weather

Kingsport residents concerned about flooding

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Some residents in Kingsport are keeping a close eye on the forecast, especially the rainfall.

A few weeks ago we told you about a flooding problem on Pond Springs Road that residents attribute to a TDOT welcome center construction project.

On June 18, residents on Pond Springs Road were dealing with flash flooding. At the time resident Richard Gott was on vacation while water filled his yard. "We left our vacation a day early to come back," he told us.

His dog, Ranger, actually had to swim out of his fenced-in area. "Either we leave him in the garage or the sunroom, but no, I haven't put him back down there," Gott said.

Now, with more rain in the forecast, neighbors are keeping a close eye on the weather. "I'm just wondering if it's going to do the same thing again and how much more of my yard can stand to be eroded away," adds Gott.

Gott says he has tried to get answers from TDOT, Sullivan County, even the contractor doing the nearby welcome center construction project. "One wants to blame it on the other, the other blames it on the other and nobody wants to do anything," adds Gott.

Gott says he's keeping his fingers crossed that the next few days of rain don't create flooding in his yard. "I hope it doesn't happen again, but there's nowhere else for the water to go," he said.

We checked with TDOT Wednesday and a spokesperson tells us they always keep an eye on the forecast. TDOT adds they've completed and reseeded a retention pond and no other work has been performed.

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