Shipley responds to 'anti-Muslim' Facebook controversy

MANCHESTER, Tenn. - Tennessee state leaders are looking for answers after the U.S. Attorney General's Office made a stop by Manchester earlier this week.

Tennessee State Representative Tony Shipley tells News 5 William Killian with the Attorney General's office lectured the Manchester community after a county commissioner posted something they deemed offensive on Facebook.

Shipley tells us the picture showed a man looking down a barrel of a gun with one eye closed and was titled, "how to wink at a Muslim."

While Shipley agrees the picture was tasteless, he says the commissioner does have the right of freedom of speech.

Shipley says he will not stand for someone trying to take away the First Amendment rights of Tennesseans. "We're not going to allow the federal government to come in here and compromise the rights of Tennesseans just because it's the popular thing to do in Washington D.C. It's not the popular thing to do in the state of Tennessee, as a matter of fact we're going to oppose it," says Shipley.

Shipley also told News 5 he was written two letters to the Attorney General's office asking for answers. Shipley says the first response was generic and didn't answer his questions.\

The second letter still hasn't been answered.

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