Salvation Army red kettle donations down from last year

Salvation Army Kettle Drives

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - For the first time in years, the Kingsport Salvation Army is worried they won't reach their fundraising goal.

News 5 learned the Salvation Army had hoped to raise $120,000 by Christmas Eve, but as of Friday they've only received $92,000 worth of donations.

Major Anthony Baso of the Kingsport Salvation Army tells News 5 the short holiday shopping season and the back and forth weather are to blame. "Cold weather is good, the colder the better our kettles typically do. Rain and also warm weather hurts giving. So we've had quite of bit of rain and it's definitely affected our collections," said Anthony Baso.

Baso also tells us the idea of the putting cash in the kettle is changing as the digital age continues. In 2014, they plan to make donating electronically, allowing shoppers to use their credit cards.

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