Recycling electronic devices

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Computers were piled high Saturday at the Holston Valley Outpatient Center.

Wellmont Health System gave people the chance to drop off their old electronics for free.

There was a tractor trailer set up in the parking lot to take the recyclables away.

Wise Recycling's team loaded the truck.

"We take our computers at our business unit up in Bristol and we fully recycle them down to the all the way down to the component pieces," said Chris Morehouse, of Wise Recycling. "They're fully recycled at that point down and melted down finally to the final consumer."

The event started at 9 a.m.

Wellmont's director of IT projects, Seth Johnson, told us within an hour and a half they collected between 50 -70 electronic devices.

They plan to have another E-drive next year, said Johnson, since this one was so successful.

"We've had folks come in with a single laptop, the old power mac computers," said Johnson. "We had an external hard drive that was only 40 megabytes and now you carry 32 gigabytes in your pocket."

Wise Recycling told us they protect owner information left within the devices.

All hard drives and memory are erased.

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