Police: DUI suspect involved in two crashes in one week

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - A Kingsport man is charged vehicular homicide after police say he was driving drunk hit a pedestrian along Fort Henry Drive Monday night and then kept going.

We dug a little deeper into the suspect's background and learned this is not the first time he's been charged with DUI.  In fact we found out he was out of jail on bond following a Thursday DUI arrest.

Kingsport Police say James Hamm, Junior hit and killed Michael Locke Monday night while driving drunk on Fort Henry Drive.

We found out this is not the first time he's been accused of being impaired behind the wheel and causing a wreck.

He was arrested  and charged with DUI four days earlier following crash on Pickens Road. "He hit my daughter four nights ago," says Kim Davenport. "I saw this, and I'm just very sad for this family."

In the first case, Kingsport Police say Hamm was under the influence when he sideswiped Kim Davenport's daughter's SUV on a narrow two-lane road leading to the neighborhood where they both live.

Davenport showed us the damage to her daughter's SUV, which she says could have been much worse. "Luckily there was no injury," says Kim Davenport. "We were much more fortunate than the other family. She was not injured, just very torn up and a little hesitant to drive."

By flipping through the reports, we learned Hamm is accused of not stopping after both wrecks.  Sullivan County deputies arrested him Thursday when he drove back through the wreck site.

Public Information Officer Leslie Earhart tells us Hamm told officers to "take me to jail" when he failed a field sobriety test.  She also says they found a bottle vodka in his car.

Hamm was released on $750 bond a few hours later. Davenport tells us she saw her neighbor's SUV was back in his drive way the next day.

Kim Davenport says Hamm should have never been allowed to be on the road, and the wreck along Fort Henry Drive might have been prevented if Tennessee laws were stronger. "Why did they give him his car back?" asks Davenport. "Things need to change."

Earhart told says his car was returned because he has not been convicted.

Police say Hamm has no prior arrest record before the original DUI charge on Thursday.

Following Monday night's crash he's charged with vehicular homicide and DUI.

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