Police discover meth lab inside hotel rooms

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Four rooms at the Westside Inn Hotel were quarantined after police tell us they discovered a meth lab.

A methamphetamine task force was called to investigate something suspicious at the Westside Inn Hotel; investigators say they found a meth lab inside.

"You just sit out here and you watch. It was entertaining, sort of, but it was scary at the same time," said Kingsport resident Onessia Swan.

It was a scary discovery because investigators found two one-pot meth labs, along with a large amount of pseudoephedrine, inside two rooms at the hotel.

31-year-old John Wilson was arrested, as well as 26-year-old Crystal Knowles. Both are facing various drug charges.

Kingsport Police say the one-pot meth labs are what they're encountering more and more. "It's one of the most dangerous, volatile types because there is no control over it," said Tom Patton with the Kingsport Police Department.

Kingsport Police say while they're finding the same amount of meth labs, the community is getting better at helping report them. In fact, it was an anonymous tip that led police to bust the Westside Inn Hotel meth lab. "What we are seeing is an increase of citizen reports of labs. We're getting a lot more complaints and a lot of those are anonymous," added Patton.

It's an extra set of eyes and ears police say they hope continues, because one-pot meth labs are easier to hide.

Back at the Westside Inn Hotel, people say this danger was way too close to home. "I just worry more about my children more than anything. If it's around here, that stuff is explosive," said Kingsport resident Scott Fields.

Police warn these plastic bottles are often tossed and found outside. Before you pick up a bottle, check to see if you notice any residue or a chemical smell, then make sure to call police; that way you're not handling something dangerous.

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