NEW FACTS: Member of Kingsport's Board of Mayor and Alderman arrested


UPDATE 9:45 pm - 

A spokesperson with the Tennessee Highway Patrol tells us around 1:45 Saturday morning, officers saw a member of Kingsport's Board of Mayor and Alderman make an abrupt right turn onto the exit ramp to East Stone Drive.

Authorities say the driver of the car, Elmer J. Shupe Jr., turned left and crossed out of the lane of travel and crossed the fog line by a six inches. After that, it then made an abrupt right turn onto Brookside Drive from the right lane. The trooper said, in a police report, Shupe didn't use the provided right turn lane. That's when the trooper stopped the car.

When the officer approached the car, they detected a strong alcohol odor coming from the vehicle. The officer said Shupe was taken from the car and failed a field sobriety test and could not maintain his balance.

Shupe was read his rights and was then taken to Indian Path emergency room for a blood test. Authorities say he refused the test. Afterwards, Shupe was reminded of the implied consent law, but still declined to take the test.

He was then taken to the Sullivan County Jail.


The Tennessee Highway Patrol tells News 5 troopers arrested a member of the Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldermen Friday night.

Alderman Jantry Shupe was arrested for DUI and Violation of Implied Consent.

This is Shupe's second arrest for DUI. He was also arrested on June 2, 2013 for DUI in Kingsport. 

Shupe is being held at the Sullivan County Jail.

According to the Kingsport City website, Shupe's term on the Board ends on June 30, 2015.

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