Music school re-opens in Kingsport Town Center

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - A Kingsport music school owner had to move his business after a drunk driver destroyed the building almost six weeks ago. The Violin and Fiddle Instruction School of Music has now re-opened.

The instruments are tuned, the instruction books are ready, and students are filing back into the school. "Everything's pretty much starting to get back to normal," said owner Scott Gould.

Last month, the school had to move to the Kingsport Town Center from it's location on Memorial Boulevard after a drink driver crashed into the school, knocking it off its foundation.

About 200 families took classes at the school. "We told them from the start -- we're not giving up. We're going to relocate. We're going to rebuild," said Gould.

With the help of his teachers, he did just that. "We were dragging stuff out of the rubble of the building. We were able to salvage the fixtures, most of the signs, most of the instruments," said Gould.

He told us they brought the school to the mall, where they were able to move in quickly. "Folks at the mall were very very generous and understanding," he said.

Teacher Cori James told us the work was just beginning at that point. They still had to do renovations, she said. "We moved all of the chairs, we painted," said James.

James spent 10 years teaching in the old building but she told us, so far, they've adjusted well. "Students really like it and the parents really like it also," James said.

We're told they've also had a small boost in business. Teacher Baylee Mann told us she's gained three students since they moved to the mall. "We've gotten more business since we got here, I think it's been good," said Mann.

We're told they school has gained about six new students and they've had more walk-ins and foot traffic. "I think this has been like a blessing in disguise," said Mann.

Gould told us he couldn't agree more.

For more information on the school, you can visit their website here.

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