Multiple burglaries caught on camera in Kingsport

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Multiple burglaries in Kingsport last week were caught by surveillance cameras. In one of those incidences, a security camera snapped pictures of two men going through a living room.

We talked to homeowner Lee Perry who told us if it weren't for his camera and security system, he would "have been wiped out."

Perry said the security company called him as soon as the men entered his house.  The company then sent law enforcement to the home. Meanwhile, the camera snapped pictures of the two men.

The men left without taking anything but Perry told us a couple of years ago, before this system was in place, he wasn't so fortunate. Burglars broke in and took what they wanted.

"Guns, some money and basically just busted the door up when they kicked it in," said Perry.

He told us the monthly fee he pays now to keep that from happening again is worth it. We found out he's not the only one who feels that way.

Kingsport Police Department spokesperson Tom Patton told us more homes seem to have surveillance cameras than in the past. Patton said the equipment costs much less than it used to.

We looked online, and at a local retail store, and found surveillance cameras that cost as little as $50.

Surveillance cameras are making it easier for law enforcement agencies to catch criminals, according to Patton. He told us the pictures and videos captured by the cameras are easy to get out on social media so there's a higher chance someone will recognize the burglars caught on camera.

We're told most people place their cameras near doors and objects of value.

If you're worried about neighborhood safety, Patton told us it's completely legal to place a surveillance camera on private property, facing a road to keep track of who's coming in and out of your neighborhood.

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