More volunteers needed for Kingsport carousel

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - The Kingsport carousel project is moving forward, but it could be a while before you can give it a whirl.

All 32 of the animal pieces have been carved and are being placed around the city for display. It took a total 600 to 800 hours to carve each one.

Now the artists and volunteers are finishing painting them, and they will be at the farmers market all summer painting the rounding boards.

Director of the Office of Cultural Arts Bonnie Macdonald tells us they still need more help. "If people have heard the story of the carousel, they know it is a community and volunteer driven project," she said. "It's not too late to be a part of this magic."

Macdonald tells us they still need to raise more than $200,000 for the last part of the project, which is already under construction.

An access road has been put in at the building site. They still have to construct the building the carousel will go in, and the one that will connect it to the farmer's market.

The carousel will not open until sometime next year.

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