More parking spaces for the Kingsport Aquatic Center

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - The Kingsport Aquatic Center is expanding. Next week they plan to add 120 to 125 parking spaces, just ahead of the start of the summer swim season, which begins May 12.

The aquatic center's director Kari Mathney tells us last year on average they had more than 1,200 visitors per day, but they didn't have enough parking spaces.

They believe now is the perfect time to expand. "One of the things that was actually nice when they did the construction, is they planned it for additional phases. The periphery of the parking lot is already flat and is already flush with the road that comes. It's already set for someone to come in to pull the top soil off put some gravel down and pave them," said Kari Mathney, aquatic director.

The city of Kingsport will cover the cost of construction which is about $90,000.

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