Marsh Regional Blood Center opens new location

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - The Marsh Regional Blood Center in Kingsport celebrated its grand opening Tuesday.

They moved into this spacious and upgraded facility last month inside of the Wellmont Urgent Care building.

Marsh Regional leaders tell us blood and platelet donors are experiencing even more comfort and faster processing thanks to the new lab.

The blood center's director Don Campbell tells us the opening comes during the holidays a time when many people forget to donate.

Blood is one of the few things that is still unable to be reproduced outside of nature, so the best way to pay it forward it to donate on a regular basis, for whatever traumas that might happen during the holiday season or for those who might need blood on a regular basis," said Don Campbell, the Director of the Marsh Regional Blood Center.

The facility has 9 donor beds along which allows them to see more people... And with more people they hope to decrease the need for blood during an emergency in our region.

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