Man rescued after fall into trash compactor

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - A man was rescued after falling into a garbage compacting pit at least 20 feet deep on Friday.

The supervisor at the Sullivan County transfer station on Brookside Lane in Kingsport told us a customer was dumping garbage into the pit when he lost control of his footing and fell in.

We're told he landed on garbage, not steel, and never lost consciousness. Fire crews told us they immediately turned off the power to the compactor. They used ropes and a basket to lift him out.

Capt. Sean Broyles of the Kingsport Fire Department told us more about the rescue. "We have a technical rescue team here at the fire department. We train regularly," he said. "Most of our rope rescue systems are prepackaged so it's just a matter of putting everything in place and deploying our rope rescue system to get him out."

The victim was taken to the hospital with possible back injuries.

Workers at the transfer station told us this happens about one to two times a year.

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