Longtime Kingsport landmark and recreation spot torn down

Legion Pool demolition will clear space for other uses

KINGSPORT, Tenn. -  A longtime Kingsport landmark will soon disappear. The Legion Pool is being torn down by E. Luke Greene Demolition Company.

The swimming spot is being demolished to clear the way for work on several possibilities including pavilion green space, other water features or potential school uses.  

The demolition company's Tony Smith tells us the biggest challenge of tearing down the pools is to make sure it has drainage and getting the walls down so grass can be re-planted on the site.

Smith says it's still a lot of fun to tear stuff up. "When I was a little boy I guess it was fun tearing it up, and now it's a job tearing it," he said. "A lot of things are different now. You've got a lot of regulations and it's a lot more dangerous, because now I'm not tearing up Hot Wheels cars -- I'm tearing down buildings. But, yeah, I still enjoy it."

After tearing down the pool, Smith says he'll begin demolishing the adjacent building. He says he hopes to have it all torn down within a couple of days.

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