Local tracks react to Stewart controversy

KINGSPORT, TENN. - The racing community is still reeling today over the death of a young, dirt track driver who was run over and killed by Nascar star Tony Stewart.

Kevin Ward was racing side by side with Stewart when he spun out. Ward then left the safety of his car to confront Stewart. Ward was then struck and killed. His death is still under investigation.

At local tracks, like Kingsport Speedway and Lonesome Pine Raceway it is not uncommon for drivers to leave their cars and confront other drivers.

Karen Tunnell, who serves as the General Manager of both tracks says she will not allow that to happen anymore. "We are going to start implementing that you do not get out of your car unless it is upside down, or on fire." says Tunnell. "We've got to come together as a whole with all the racetracks, across the country to try and insure that this kind of tragedy does not happen again."

Tunnell says the new rule will go into effect immediately. Kingsport Speedway draws 70 to 75 drivers to the track every weekend.

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