Lifeguards still needed for new aquatics center in Kingsport

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Lifeguards are still being hired for the new aquatics center in Kingsport.

We checked and learned 75 lifeguards are needed for the new center.

The assistant to the city manager in Kingsport Chris McCartt says more than 100 people have applied for the jobs. "We are still in the process of interviewing, hiring and training some. We're probably somewhere in the neighborhood of halfway there, however we've got a large pool of applicants that we're still going through," adds McCartt.

The lifeguard positions are part-time and pay about $8.00 an hour. Lifeguards already certified can be hired sooner than people who still have to get certifications. 

The new aquatics center is set to open May 17.

We're told there is still time to apply for jobs. For more information visit:

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