Labor Day: One last splash of summer fun

Labor Day: One last splash of summer fun

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, and on the Monday holiday many were trying to get in one last day of summer fun.

Wrapping up a Labor Day weekend with a family bike ride, Andrew Jebasingh and his family are giving Kingsport's Greenbelt a try. "It is nice to be able to actually go out and do something instead of being cooped up in the house all the time," adds Jebasingh.

But the cloudy, overcast, sometimes-rainy Labor Day weekend was a pretty fitting end to an overall wet summer. "We do a lot of travel softball and it's been a little bit rainy almost every weekend, so we've been fighting to get our games in. We've been out there doing what we could in the parks when we got a chance," says Greg Maroukas.

Even with dark clouds looming Monday afternoon, some were getting in one last splash of summer. "I think from a family perspective with us coming out here and doing this bike ride, I think it's a nice tie-in to do one last big family event outdoors while we still can," adds Jebasingh.

Others opted to head indoors to area malls for some Labor Day weekend sales. Store owner Karen O'Neal says Mother Nature has been good for her business. "It means money, so we enjoy to see any type of rain, snow, sleet. That usually brings in a crowd," adds O'Neal.

Even though the calendar says summer's here for a few more weeks, many people are already moving onto fall.

According to the Storm Track 5 meteorologists the region saw 20.5 inches of rain in June, July and August. An average summer sees about 12 inches of rain.

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