Kingsport's annual spring cleaning program underway

Massive two-week spruce up is helping garbage pickup customers and the environment

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Crystal Nottingham and her family just moved into their Kingsport home. So naturally they're doing some spring cleaning, taking advantage of the city sanitation department's two week clean up, paint up, fix up program.

"It's a program we've been doing for over 30 years now," Streets and Sanitation Manager Ronnie Hammonds said. "We encourage our citizens to get out and clean their yards, clean their debris out of their basements just do general clean up around their house during these weeks we'll pick up actually almost any materical that's put out with the exception of liquids, paints and hazardous material."

They call it an early spring spruce up. "The weather gets better, people get out of their house for the first time," Household Refuse Supervisor Rodney Deel said. "They have an opportunity to get out clean up everything that winter's brought in that they want rid of."

It's one of only two times during the year when the city trucks will pick up material outside of the 96 gallon cart cans. Here's how it works: you can put out extra trash on your normal pickup day and crews will also make two extra stops during the two week period. I found out, last year, sanitation workers collected over 700 tons of trash during these weeks.

"We actually see probably around a 25 to 30 percent jump in our garbage collections for these two weeks," Hammonds added.

It's a service that sure came in handy for Nottingham, helping her family to not feel so boxed in with their garbage. "It's a great service," Nottingham told us. "It takes away from the stress of us having to worry about it and you don't have to worry about if your trash can gets filled up you know you can't put any more trash out you can just set it out on the curb."

Curb service that's helping keep Kingsport beautiful. "We want to provide that service," Deel said. "It's just to make it the best place to live."

The two week clean up program continues through the week of April 7.

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