Kingsport woman breaks free from kidnapper


KINGSPORT, Tenn. - The search continues in Kingsport for a man police say tried to kidnap a woman. It happened around 3:30 Thursday at the entrance of Providence Place Apartments on Allen Drive while the woman waited for her kids to be dropped off from the bus.

"If i would've screamed nobody would've heard me anyways," says victim Ashley Ferrell.

30-year-old Ashley Ferrell sat on a curb alone Thursday waiting for her daughters. The same place she and her husband Kevin usually wait. As Ashley sat, a gray sedan drove by.

"He was going a lot slower than that car," says Ashley.

Once the car passed her and saw she was alone, the man inside the car backed up, got out and demanded Ashley get inside. She tells News 5 at one point the man grabbed her by the arm.

"The more I pull away, the harder his grip gets," she adds.

Ferrell kicked him to break free and ran back inside her apartment telling her husband Kevin what happened. Kevin says he's just happy his wife's safe now. "I don't put my hands on my wife like that and there will never be another man that does so," adds Kevin.

Kingsport police officer Tom Patton says Ashley did the right thing. "Anytime anybody tries to pull anybody, whether it's a child or woman or anybody into a car, that's definitely the time to fight back," says Patton.

Now, Ashley and her husband try to fight back and recover from this close call.

"I hope that he's caught. I hope that he gets everything that's coming to him," says Kevin.

Kingsport Police say they are looking for an older, heavy-set, white man with curly gray hair and beard. He was missing his two front teeth, and he walks with a limp. Officers tell News 5 he was driving a rusty, older model dark car with a missing hubcap on the passengers side. The car has duct tape on the rear passenger window, and has a very loud exhaust.

If you have any information, call the Kingsport Police Department at (423) 229-9429.

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