Kingsport traffic trouble 5-22-14

Drivers in Kingsport should prepare for traffic trouble. The Tennessee Department of Transportation is going to begin a paving project this summer to fix some trouble spots around the Model City. 

Kingsport is going to join the paving party too -- the Public Works department will resurface an unprecedented 25 miles of roadway later this year. 

Public Works Director Ryan McReynolds tells News 5 they hope one big push will make for relatively maintenance-free roads for many years. "Our desire is to get it to a sustainable paving program to basically average a 20-year life cycle, meaning every 20 years you'll be repaving," he said. "You might have some pothole patching, small maintenance in between that."

McReynolds anticipates the $2 million project to kick off this fall and wrap up by spring 2015.

For comparison, the city usually paves just 8 miles of road per year.

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