Kingsport Stadium problems

KINGSPORT, TENN. - The Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldersman want some money from the designers of the J. Fred. Johnson renovation.

The city paid C.H.A. Sports, a New York based design firm, 250-thousand dollars to draw up plans for the project.

Those plans had certain cost saving measures, some of which the construction company says they couldn't make work.

Kingsport Mayor, Dennis Phillips says the city has spent an extra 108 thousand dollars to make the needed changes and the board believes the design company should take the responsibility. "We're  not doing our obligation to the citizens if we don't try to recover some of that." said Phillips. "Because we went into this with good faith with what we paid them to do would work, and apparently it hasn't."

The mayor expects the stadium to be ready to use by the opening of the high school football season.

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