Kingsport readies for upgraded recycling program

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Change is coming to some Kingsport curbsides. The city's recycling program is undergoing a facelift.

We found out, Monday the city is starting to distribute new recycling carts to about 10,000 Kingsport residents.

These new 96 gallon carts with blue lids will replace the 18 gallon open containers currently uses. We learned the carts will only be given to residents who responded to a city survey back in October.   

Officials told News 5 with this upgrade residents can recycle more, and the process will become more streamlined.

"Instead of the guy having to get out of the truck 200 or 300 times a day, they'll be able to use an automated arm on their trucks to pick the carts up. That will go from a time of about two minutes before, to about 30 seconds now or less per pickup," said Ronnie Hammonds with Kingsport Public Works.

We're told residents should still use their 18 gallon bins until June 3, when the recycling program begins.

It will take about two weeks for all recycling residents to receive their new carts.

The pickup is starting from the west end of the city and working its way east.    

If you don't get a new cart but you would like one, call Kingsport Public Works at (423) 229-9451.

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