Kingsport police reminding you to keep your doors locked at all times

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - With the holidays upon us, a lot of people have giving on the mind. But Kingsport police are reminding residents, thieves are out there waiting to take.

"We do often see spikes of burglaries and auto burglaries during the holiday season," says Kingsport public information officer Tom Patton.

He says there are two simple steps that can keep you from being a victim. "Lock your doors and keep valuables out of plain sight," says Patton.

Police say there has been a spike in the number of burglaries in Kingsport recently. "Over the past week, week and a half, we've had about 8 or 10," Patton said.

News 5 caught up with Whitney Frazier at the Kingsport Town Center, who says her aunt is a recent victim. "She left her keys in the car, and I don't know if it was someone out there prowling around or what, but they took off with her car. Me and my son were up at 2 o'clock, her car was there, and then she was getting ready to go to work at 3:30 and her car was gone," says Frazier.

Shoppers especially need to be cautious. Patton says, "Make sure those packages are out of sight in the trunk of a car or something like that.""..It amazes me how many people don't lock their doors or don't set their alarm systems. just doing those few extra takes a couple of seconds and it could prevent a crime from occurring."

When it comes to the crimes that have already occurred police say, they need your help. "We're still trying to develop suspects, so we encourage people if they do see criminal activity or suspicious activity please pick up the phone and call law enforcement," says Patton.

News 5 learned the neighborhood that has been hardest hit is the Tellico Hills community.

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