Kingsport police looking for motorcycle riders

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Kingsport police say dangerous driving is the subject of an investigation and they need your help to find the people responsible for a road rage incident that led to two crashes.

It happened Friday night around 8:45 along North Eastman Road near Spring Street.

Police say two motorcycle riders were weaving in and out of traffic when, they believe, one of the riders punched an SUV's side mirror and broke it.

The SUV driver told police the motorcycle then lost control, hit the front wheel of the SUV and crashed into the second motorcycle. Both motorcycles overturned and crashed.

The SUV driver says when he went back to check on the riders, he saw one get back on his bike and drive away. The other walked his vehicle into a restaurant parking lot and then left.

Police are looking for those motorcycle riders. One motorcycle was described as black with green flames. The other was bright yellow.

If you have any information please call Kingsport police at 423-229-9429.

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