Kingsport Police ask for help solving cold case

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Kingsport police are working to help a family get some closure.

Investigators are now asking for your help in a missing person case that dates back eighteen years.

Kingsport police say James Daniel Butler was reported missing in August of 1995 after he boarded a bus in Kingsport which was headed to Johnson City, where Butler planned to look for work.

Authorities are looking for anyone with more information in Butler's disappearance.

Public Information Officer Tom Patton says they recently lost touch with Butler's only known relative and hope other family members can help them close the case. "It's a very old case. We'd like to bring some closure to the case and bring some closure to the loved ones of this individual," said Patton.

Police say Butler would now be 57 years old. He's described as 5-feet-5-inches tall and weighing 165 pounds. He has blue eyes.

Police say there was never any sign of foul play.

If you have any information in Butler's disappearance, please call the Kingsport Police Department at (423) 229-9429.

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