Kingsport marks six years without a fire death

Kingsport, Tenn. - The Kingsport Fire Department and the City of Kingsport reached a significant milestone April 3, 2013. In a press release, the fire department says Kingsport marks six years without a fire death in the city.  

"We have continued to increase the level of safety throughout the City of Kingsport through the combined efforts of quick responding highly trained firefighters, regular fire inspections and aggressive fire and life safety education programs."  Public Education Officer Barry Brickey stated.  "Adding new fire stations, engines and personnel have also decreased our response times."

As part of the effort, the Kingsport Fire department is working with local Boy Scouts to begin canvassing high fire risk neighborhoods that are part of the recent Smoke Alarm Grant. Many of the residents in these neighborhoods will be receiving Dual Sensor Smoke Alarms or Batteries for their homes to help with their fire protection. 

The Kingsport Fire Department says they serve a population of over 50,000 and covers 51.25 sq miles and responded to 8,038 incidents in 2012 setting a record for call volume. The Fire Department also did not have any commercial building fires in 2012.

The Fire Marshal's office recorded 3,845 inspections in 2012.

The department says 48,598 adults and children participated in Kingsport Fire Department's Fire Prevention presentations and activities last year.  The Kingsport Fire Department presents the NFPA's Learn Not To Burn program in each of the City's Elementary Schools.  In 2011 KFD began the NFPA's Remembering When Program with the Kingsport Senior Center teaching fall and fire safety.

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