Kingsport looking to fixing paving problems

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Rough roads have one local city looking for solutions, and the public works director says money for paving projects will help.

The City of Kingsport is looking at possible solutions that would allow them to catch up on paving across the city.

Kingsport Public Works Director Ryan McReynolds tells us the board of mayor and aldermen asked for information that would bring the city up to speed.

He tells us it's being call 'special paving emphasis.' McReynolds says in that last ten years the cost of paving has more than doubled, which caused the city to get behind.

He tells us the project could cost $2.7 million, but it would allow roads to go 20 to 25 years without having to be re-paved, something he says is important. "The repaving is the protective cover over that road structure. What occurs is if you don't continue to maintain that protective coating, you being to damage the road structure itself," he said.

McReynolds says they have money in the budget this year to pave roads on the 'critical need' list.

He tells us this project would have to be figured into the city's budget for next year.

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